Does Baby Oil Help With Tanning?

Whoever thought that a product made specifically for babies would be one of the most used tanning oils amongst thousands of tanners all over the world! This product is usually used on babies but is it strong enough to help you to achieve a great tan?

The answer is yes! Baby oil can help you to achieve a dark tan in a shorter period. This product is gentle and mild making it hypoallergenic and safe for most skin types.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of tanning while using baby oil as well as the pros and the cons of using it, and some tips on how to apply the oil to your skin before you venture out into the sun.

All About Baby Oil    

As we all know baby oil was made to treat a baby’s body and prevent any kind of bacteria from forming on their fragile and sensitive skin. Baby oil is extremely gentle on all skin types and only consists of a few ingredients.

These ingredients are usually Vitamin E and mineral oil making the product a non-irritant on most skin types.

Does Baby Oil Help You To Tan Better?

Yes, baby oil can help you tan better. This is how it works. Once the oil has been applied to the body it tends to attract the sun’s rays quickly and directly onto your skin. This can indeed help you to tan faster and achieve a deep golden tan.

Baby oil acts as a reflector and helps the sun to penetrate your skin while you bask in its rays. UVA and UVB rays are amplified by the baby oil making them stronger and more intense whilst speeding up the tanning process.

Most tanning lotions tend to penetrate only the top layer of your skin whereas baby oil is absorbed by most of your skin layers. Ultimately, using baby oil will create a longer-lasting and deeper tan than other products that were made specifically for tanning.

The Steps for Using Baby Oil to Tan

If you have decided to tan using baby oil, then it is advisable to stay out of the sun when it is at its strongest. This may cause sunburn and can be extremely harmful to your skin.

Here are some useful tips to follow if you have decided to tan with baby oil:

  1. You only need to use a small amount of baby oil to achieve the tan that you desire. Keep your time in the sun to a minimum with regular breaks in the shade to prevent yourself from burning.
  • A good idea is to mix in a bit of sunscreen with the baby oil. This will help you to increase the amount of protection from the UV rays of the sun and prevent them from penetrating too deeply into your skin.
  • Even though the method of using baby oil is a fantastic way to achieve a deep golden tan it is important to give your skin some time to recuperate after each tanning session. This will help you to avoid any long-lasting damage that could be caused by tanning too often with baby oil.
  • When you have finished your tanning session be sure to moisturize your skin as often as possible. This is important as it will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Try to use products that contain Argan or coconut oil to provide your skin with the best hydration.

The Pros and Cons of Tanning with Baby Oil

As with most things in life, there are both pros and cons to using baby oil as a tanning aid.

The Pros

Faster Results

If you are looking for fast results, then baby oil is the way to go. Be careful, however, not to overdo it and as mentioned before try adding a little sunscreen into your mixture.

A Deeper Tan

Baby oil will considerably help to produce a deeper tan as it mixes into the skin seamlessly and allows for an even tan. This is because the oil mixes into your skin evenly and can penetrate through the top layer of your skin.

No Stains on Your Clothes

No more stains on your clothes! Traditional tanning oils and lotions can sometimes leave brown stains on your clothes. Baby oil, however, will not stain or ruin the clothes that you are wearing.

No Stickiness

Baby oil soaks deep into your skin while at the same time hydrating it and leaving it free of any irritation. Other tanning lotions can sometimes be extremely sticky on your skin after application and can cause some discomfort while you are trying to enjoy your tanning time.

No Rashes

Unlike other tanning lotions, this oil is super friendly on the skin and is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it contains no fragrances or perfume. Scents and chemicals are often added to normal tanning lotions and can cause a rash or irritation on the skin.

The Cons

The Possibility of Sunburn and Skin Damage

Using baby oil to tan with can cause some side effects such as severe sunburn and skin damage especially if you do not give your skin some time to heal in between tanning sessions.

Always practice caution and if you feel that your skin is burning too quickly then it is a good idea to find some shade.

A Heightened Risk of Skin Cancer

As with most types of tanning products, baby oil can heighten your risk of skin cancer even if you have a very robust skin type. It is important to apply some kind of sunscreen to your body before you apply the baby oil or mix it into the baby oil before you go into the sun.

Alternatives to Using Baby Oil to Tan

If the cons outweigh the pros and you decide against using baby oil to tan with, then you might want to consider using the following alternatives:

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut oil keeps your skin hydrated and is used by many tanners. You should still, however, add a little sunscreen to protect your skin.  This light, lovely-smelling oil will give you the golden tan that you are looking for with less chance of sunburn.

Tanning Sunscreen Bronzers and Lotions

There are a variety of tanning lotions that contain a certain amount of sunscreen and can work as both a bronzer and a tanning lotion.

These products will give you a better chance of protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays while still achieving a beautiful tan. These products will significantly decrease your chances of sunburn and damage to the skin.

In Short: The Facts

It is a fact that baby oil can help you to tan your skin in a shorter amount of time while also producing an intense brown tan.

There are, however, risks involved when you use baby oil to tan with. Spending too much time in the sun covered in baby oil and no sunscreen will cause the UV rays from the sun to penetrate deeply into your skin and cause serious damage.

If you use baby oil responsibly and in moderation, then you will be able to obtain the result that you are looking for while at the same time protecting the well-being of your skin.

This being said, if you are more concerned about the well-being of your skin than obtaining the ultimate tan then you should rather opt for a traditional tanning lotion.