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Easy Weekend Makeup Solved With Only 5 Items

easy weekend makeup

Cheers to the weekend and unless you have a big, formal event, easy weekend makeup should not require much thought or precision. So, in the spirit of a quick and easy look, here are five items to take you from bed-face to awake and casually pulled together in no time.

easy weekend makeup

Base First- Chanel Vitalumière Aqua 

The PAO (Period After Opening) symbol on the container says 12 months but it’s been almost two years since Chanel Vitalumière Aqua in 70 Beige has been in my stash. I love this foundation, especially for the weekend or everyday really. I love how beautifully it photographs, I love the fact that it does not oxidise along with the brightening effect it brings to my skin. Plus, I also appreciate how long-lasting it is. I clearly remember that when I first received it I was convinced it would not work with my complexion. But, I pressed forward and almost two years later, I am still always pleasantly surprised and grateful to have dared to get it.

With a water-based formula that includes hyaluronic acid, this also works really well for my dry skin. It is slightly fragranced and has a very light texture. Applying it is a breeze and using your fingers takes nothing away from the finish. But if you prefer a sponge or a brush, then carry on as such, as it works either way. If you’re closer to my complexion and you try it, don’t be alarmed at how it goes on because, in no time, it settles down and melds beautifully with your skin. To wit, on Chanel’s US website the shades offered only go up to 52 Beige Rose. So if you require a deeper shade, check UK and Europe based websites.

easy weekend makeup

EyesWide Open-Delilah Definitive Volumising and Defining Mascara

Transform your entire face when doing your weekend makeup with a few quick swipes of your favourite mascara. Delilah Definitive Voluminising and Defining Mascara hails from a ’boutique’ British, cruelty-free brand boasting a tightly edited line-up of targeted products. While this mascara won’t deliver the depth and fullness of a thickening formula, I rate it highly for fluttery, daytime lashes that can withstand runny (allergy) eyes.

easy weekend makeup

With a uniquely designed Y-shaped brush that has a full side along with a flattened side, it’s a large brush but when carefully applied, this delivers a flirty, awake look. Delilah’s mascara contains olive waxes. Plus, I found it to be non-irritating and it’s also paraben free.

easy weekend makeup

Your cheeks- Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick

If you want easy to apply colour for your cheeks that can be dabbed on and tapped in with your fingers, then Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick is where to look. Tap it on wherever you want some enhancement for natural looking, transparent colour. Housed in a black cylindrical twist-up tube, this colour stick is perfect for travel and came in really handy during my last weekend getaway. Or, toss into your handbag or clutch even. While this creamy colour is not the most long-lasting thing you can put on your face, touch-ups are a breeze and don’t require a brush.

What also makes this worth it is the fact precision is not needed, because it blends seamlessly with your skin and gives a casual, skin-like wash of colour. It’s Chanel so there is some scent but it’s not overt. There are currently six colourways available and I have No.22, which appears to be a medium orange in the tube. But once it’s on the skin, it blends out and enhances the skin beautifully. If you don’t’ have too many textural issues with your skin, it’s quite possible to wear this without any base and look ‘done’ in a matter of seconds. Darker skin tones will need to build the colour up by applying a few times, but once it dries down, expect about three hours of true wear before you’ll need to touch up.

easy weekend makeup

For Lips- Tom Ford Liquid Patent Lip Lacquer in No Vacancy

When I first saw the Tom Ford Liquid Patent Lip Lacquer in No Vacancy, it was on someone on YouYube. At that moment I didn’t know the name of the shade, but I knew that I would be buying it. As an aside, this particular shade was sold out in a number of places but Tom Ford’s website appears to be well stocked. Typically, I am solidly a lipstick wearer, even if I’m doing errands but this lip lacquer has cast a serious spell on me.

It is the perfect cherry-red, the kind that makes me think of sweets, of the Nars Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection from 2013 and maraschino cherries. Tom Ford managed to formulate a perfectly blended red for this lip lacquer, one that I’d argue can work for anyone who is a red lip devotee.

easy weekend makeup

The wand has a perfectly sculpted head that goes a step further by making application to the corners of the lips an easy accomplishment. This lip lacquer also has an extraordinary wear time, as it’s also part lip stain. While it’s not overly sticky, just be a little mindful of your hair. Otherwise, I have no complaints about this lip lacquer apart from the price. Oh, and make sure your lips are smooth before you apply, as wearing it on lips that are flaky or cracked makes a mess of the overall look.

easy weekend makeup

To Finish Off-Gucci Luxe Finishing Powder

And what a powder this is, with its striking black and gold perspex packaging that closes with the use of a magnetic mechanism.  Although this is a pressed powder, its texture is silky and it disappears into the skin much faster than any other powder in my collection at the moment. I can’t detect any scent and it comes with an oval brush that I am yet to use.

easy weekend makeup

This powder keeps oil away, although if you have an oilier skin type you’ll need to touch up. Naturally, it evens out the overall look of your skin, no matter where it is applied and just a touch is needed. After I hit pan on my Charlotte Tilbury powder, then proceeded to drop the compact with the minuscule bit left in it, I had no choice other than to find a new item. Sure, it would have been natural to simply re-purchase the Charlotte one, but then what would have become of my desire to try new makeup?

easy weekend makeup

Hence, that desire led me to this one that is beautiful to keep in your handbag and even has a space for a small brush or powder puff. It’s the perfect powder really, but points are struck off for the limited shade range. I have shade 060 and although it looks light in the compact, it disappears into the skin and does not leave a grey cast. So, this powder rounds out easy weekend makeup with a natural-looking finish that does not settle into lines. Thankfully, this powder is also without specks of glitter and only a light dusting is needed. For reference, I have shade 060.

easy weekend makeup

Last look: The photograph above shows swatches of everything including the Gucci Luxe Finishing Powder layered over Chanel Vitalumière Aqua in 70 Beige. 

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