How Much Does A Spray Tan Cost?

Most people are never happy with at least one of their body parts, and why should their skin tone be any different?

The tanning industry sees hordes of people yearly searching for the perfect golden-brown tan without having to spend hours on end in the sun. While many people may opt for self-tanning products, their effectiveness is not guaranteed. In other words, you could end up looking a little orange! While this would most definitely make a statement, it is not what most normal people want.

Of course, a spray tan is more expensive than lying in the sun or applying self-tan to your entire body, but are the prices worth the result? In this article, we will examine the average costs of a spray tan and the factors that may influence the prices that a tanning salon may charge for a spray tan.

How Much Does A Spray Tan Cost?

The average cost of a spray tanning session at a reputable salon will typically cost around $40. Remember that prices will vary widely on location, the reputation of the salon you are visiting, and any discounts offered at the time.

However, you should bear in mind that there is more than one way to get your sunless tan fix. There are three common ways in which a serious tanner can achieve the results that they desire.

If you change your mind about a spray and want to get a UV tan done, you’ll need a decent pair of tanning goggles.

Spray Tanning Machine

Airbrush and spray tanning methods are significantly more effective and faster than sunless tanning beds. At the same time, they are also healthier and UV-free, eliminating the risk of aging skin and skin cancer.

A session on a spray tanning machine will cost on average between $25-$35.00, depending on the machine’s quality and running costs.

These tanning machines tend to give you a more even tan by extracting the tanner from the air to stop it from all falling, mainly on your legs and feet.

Salons offer different tanning machine services at lower prices. However, they are not usually worth the time or the money spent due to their disappointing results. Suppose you bite the bullet and opt for a more professional and expensive tanning machine. In that case, you will usually pay more but reap the benefits of a professional-looking golden tan.

Air Brush

Airbrush spray tanning solutions contain an ingredient called DHA. DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, is a harmless organic compound and is safe to use while causing a natural tanning reaction to the skin’s outer layers. Airbrush tans are also perfect for helping get rid of tan lines and hard-to-reach areas of the body.

You are likely to pay around $30-$80 per session for an airbrush spray tan. The price depends on many factors, such as the area you live in and the technician’s skill set administering the airbrush tan.

Here are some pricing examples of reputable salons that offer airbrush tanning in the USA. (Pricing correct Feb 2021).

Los Angeles

The Melrose Tanning Company

$40.00 per session

San Francisco

Organic Shimmer Tanning

$45.00 per session


Seattle Suntan

$45.00 per session


Bronze Sunless: Spray Tans by Kennedi

$35.00 per session

Salt Lake City

Bella Airbrush Tanning

$35.00 per session


Airbrush Dallas

$55.00 per session


Spray of Sunshine

$45.00 per session

New York

Gotham Glow

$75.00 per session


Sobe Tan

$60.00 per session

Mobile Tanning

Mobile spray tanning can set you back anywhere from $60-$150 and is an excellent option for getting your skin event ready for special occasions. Prices will also depend on how far you live from the salon and the number of people getting tanned.

If you are getting your spray tan done for a wedding, it could be cheaper because there will be more than one person who will be getting a spray tan.

Other Factors That Can Affect Spray Tan Prices

There are several variables as to how much a spray tan is going to cost you. These variables boil down to:

  • Your location and the professional you use
  • The type of solution
  • The parts of the body that you are spraying
  • Salon or Mobile Tanning

Location and Professionalism

Sometimes it is all about the location and neighborhood you choose to travel to for your spray tan session.

Let’s face facts; when you compare salon spray tanning prices in Hollywood with salon spry tanning prices in Texas, there is more than likely going to be a considerable price difference. Owners and staff of salons in Hollywood and California are much more likely to be getting business from some very high-class people.

They need to hire the best of the best tanning consultants, and the best of the best need to be highly trained, professional, and extremely efficient in what they do. There is no room for error when dealing with people who rely on a spray tan to carry out their jobs, such as movie stars. Hence this is why salons in certain areas can charge more than in other areas.

Type of Tanning Solution

Usually, the more convenient the solution, the higher the price, especially if it is a quick-dry tanning solution. Timing is of the essence, and for most clients, it is easier to wait one hour for their spray tans to set than the usual 8 hours.

Better spray tanning products will cost more but will be a better experience for both the salon and the client. Remember that you are paying for quality.

What Body Parts You Are Spraying

Spray-tanning different parts of the body are going to cost different prices. Deciding on how much of your body you want to spray will directly affect the cost of the spray tan. Some clients may choose to get just their legs spray-tanned, while others may wish to get their entire bodies done.

An example of this could be a salon charging $20 to spray tan a client’s limbs to tan line and face and $40 for a full body spray tan.

Mobile or Salon

The type of spray tanning business that you choose will significantly affect the price of your spray tan experience. Salons and Spas will often set their prices considerably higher due to the added luxury that they offer their clients. Often, however, these spas and salons will also provide some excellent package prices.

Mobile spray tan businesses have to consider several things when offering a spray tanning service:

  • What is the distance that the tanning technician has to travel to get to you? Will they charge a flat rate or a per-mile rate?
  • Are they going to be spray tanning one person, or are there going to be a group of people requiring their services?
  • What conditions do they have to travel in? Is there a long gravel road that they have to travel to get to a client’s residence, or is there nasty weather predicted for that day?

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a professional yet beautiful tan, then a spray tan is the way to go. Take a look at the different types of spray tans. Although it may be a bit more expensive than a self-tanner, it is definitely worth the money, time, and effort to get a professionally applied tan.

Spray tanning is a much safer alternative to tanning in the sun or a tanning bed for hours on end, only to burn, peel and then return to your original color.

It would be wise to use a reputable indoor tanning salon that has trained professionals. This way, you are almost guaranteed to have an even and natural-looking tan.