How to Apply Self Tanner Without Mitt

There is no doubt that a tan can make a person look a lot more appealing. A tan can even help to hide some scars and other marks on the body.

Unfortunately, as life would have it, too many UV rays can be detrimental to the health of your skin. People have become increasingly more aware of the dangers that too much sun tanning can have on their skin.

Self-tanning products have fast become one of the most popular forms of tanning as unlike the sun they do not cause premature aging, sunburn, or even certain types of skin cancer.

Self-tanner can give anyone a tan. Whether you have a naturally pale skin tone, skin that burns easily in the sun, or even skin that is already slightly tanned there is a self-tanner out there for you.

Seasoned self-tanners will know that using a tanning mitt is the best way to apply self-tanner to the body. In some cases, however, there may be no mitt with the self-tanning product that you purchase. Fortunately, there are other ways in which to apply self-tanner without having to use a mitt.

This article will be used to discuss various other ways of applying self-tanner if you do not have a self-tanning mitt.

What You Can Use Instead of a Tanning Mitt

Truth be told, a tanning mitt is extremely useful when applying self-tanning products. With this being said, however, it is not necessary to use a mitt if you don’t have one.

Luckily, there are a few other alternatives that easily be found in your home if you do not have a self-tanning mitt at your disposal.

Here are a few ways in which to apply self-tanner without using a mitt:

1.      Cling Wrap

If you have cling wrap lying around then this would be one of the best alternatives to using a self-tanning mitt.

Simply wrap it around your hand, reach for the self-tanner and apply it to the skin using the hand that is covered by the cling wrap.

There is no way that your hands are going to go orange if they are covered in cling wrap. Just make sure that you rub in the self-tanning lotion thoroughly.

2.      Rubber Gloves

A rubber glove will prevent your hand from becoming stained by the self-tanner. The glove is also not able to absorb any of the self-tanner so it can be reused as many times as you want it to be.

3.      A Sock?

This may sound a little strange, but a sock can work almost as well as a tanning mitt when you want to apply a self-tanner. Everyone has a sock that is missing its partner somewhere in the house. This lonely sock can quite easily be used in place of a tanning mitt.

Remember though, that the thicker the sock the less chance of your hands becoming stained so try to use a relatively thick sock if you decide to apply self-tanner with one of your old socks! Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the sock again so be prepared to throw it away afterward.

4.      Self-Tanning Wipes

Self-tanning wipes are a wonderful invention and are extremely popular due to the effortless way they can be used to achieve a beautiful even tan when applying self-tanning products.

Here are just two of many popular and easy-to-use tanning wipes available on the market.

Ibiza Sun Self-tanning wipes

This amazing product is the best way to get an all-over golden tan in just a few minutes! These tanning wipes are quick-drying and offer an effortless and clean application without getting any stains on your hands.

Simply take one of the wipes from the packaging, apply to an area of the skin and then wash your hands with soap and water.

Sol Full Body Self Tanner Towelettes

This product can last for a long time and is designed to effortlessly distribute self-tanner on the skin. These wipes are incredibly easy to use and are tan infused to provide full coverage in a minimal amount of time.

If you want a convenient and non-streak application, then these are most certainly the tanning wipes to choose from.

5.      Using Your Hands

Using your hands to apply self-tanner is possible. This way of applying a self-tanner works very well if you are an experienced self-tanner.

As long as you make sure that you wash your hands straight after application then you should not get any stains on your hands.

How to Apply Self-Tanner With Your Hands

Apply some self-tanner to your hands and evenly spread it over all the areas that you want to be tanned.

  • Spread the self-tanner thinly on your knees and ankles to avoid dark spots.
  • If you can spread the self-tanner quickly and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, then your hands will be stain-free after you have completed the process.

Things To Do Before Applying Self-Tanner

When applying self-tanner, it is best to follow a few general rules before you apply the product. These rules apply to all self-tanning products to achieve the best results.

Invest In Quality Products

Unfortunately in life, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap self-tanning product, you are more than likely going to end up with blotches and streaks.

There are, however, some excellent self-tanning products on the market that will not cost you a fortune.

Exfoliating is Necessary

Exfoliating your skin is one of the most important criteria when it comes to your skin’s pre-tanning regime.

Self-tanners contain a chemical called DHA which forms a reaction when it comes into contact with skin cells. This reaction causes the top layer of your skin to turn temporarily brown.

If you have not properly exfoliated, then the DHA is going to attach itself to the dead skin cells on your body and make your tan look streaky and blotchy.

Make sure to use a good exfoliator and wax and shave carefully to not cause any small cuts on the skin before you apply the self-tanner.

Use A Powerful Moisturizer

If you want the self-tanner to stay on your skin for as long as possible then moisturizing is an absolute must!

Once you have finished with your self-tanner application make sure to moisturize your skin well. If your skin gets too dry your tan will start to look streaky, flaky, and unnatural.

Take Extra Care When Applying Self-Tanner to Your Face

It is extremely important to use the utmost care when applying self-tanning products to the face. Bear in mind that if you mess up on your body you can hide it with clothing but if you land up with streaks and blotches on your face you are going to have to live with them until they fade.

The best way to apply self-tanner to the face is to mix it with some moisturizer. This will help the self-tanner to spread easily and prevent the pores from clogging.

Tip of the day: Having a cool shower right before you apply a self-tanner can help to open the pores and allow the self-tanner to be applied easily without blocking your pores.

The Benefits of Investing in A Self-Tanning Mitt

Self-tanning products have reached a whole new level due to global warming and the threat of cancer-causing UV radiation.

If you plan on doing a lot of self-tanning sessions, then it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality mitt. A self-tanning mitt is universal and can be used for any self-tanning product including creams, sprays, and mousse.

What A Tanning Mitt Can Do For You

There are two types of self-tanning mitts. The first type of mitt is used for exfoliation while the other one is used during application to ensure that your skin gets the best coverage possible.

Mitts that are used for exfoliation differ from those that are used for application as they are made from different materials.

Exfoliating Tanning Mitts

Getting rid of residue that has been left over from a previous self-tanner will require the use of an exfoliating tanning mitt.

Simply using an exfoliation product without an exfoliating tanning mitt is not going to properly get rid of your old tan. This is because these products are often not meant to cater to self-tanning products.

Exfoliating tanning mitts are specifically made to prepare the skin before you put on a new layer of self-tanner. For the best results use the exfoliating mitt in the shower while your skin is at its softest.

How to use an exfoliating tanning mitt

Use the mitt to scrub your whole body with an exfoliating cleanser. This will help to get rid of our old tan and restore your skin to its natural color so that you can apply a fresh layer of self-tanner.

Application Tanning Mitts

Application tanning mitts are used to apply self-tanning products. These mitts have a large surface area which makes the process of applying the product faster and easier.

How to use an application tanning mitt

Put a small amount of the self-tanner onto the mitt and then rub it all over your body in sections. When using the mitt for your face simply pat your face gently with the mitt to ensure that you get even coverage.

Best Buy: The Stusgo 4 in 1 Self-Tanning Mitt Applicator Kit

The Stusgo 4 in 1 self-tanning kit includes:

  • One exfoliating glove
  • One self-tanning mitt applicator
  • One mini face self-tanning mitt
  • One self-tanning mitt applicator for your back.

This self-tanning application kit offers a range of mitts for all parts of the body and helps to ensure proper absorption for a streak-free tan.

The back applicator mitt does not drip easily as it is made from non-absorbent materials to absorb less lotion. You no longer need to call a friend to help you put a self-tanner on your back!

Self-Tanning Mitt Care

It is important to look after your self-tanning mitt if you want it to last for a long time. It has to be rinsed off and cleaned properly after every application and stored in a clean and dry environment. To wash a tanning mitt simply wash it with soap and warm water.

Why Should You Invest In A Self-Tanning Mitt?

Even though there are other ways to apply self-tanning products if you don’t have a tanning mitt, the fact remains that investing in a mitt will ensure that you get a streak-free tan every time you use it. After all, this is specifically why they were invented.

Using a self-tanning mitt will ensure that you don’t get stained hands and uneven tan lines. Most self-tanning products come with a tanning mitt as it guarantees a smooth and even finishes with no mess and no fuss.

Yvoier Self-Tanning Mitt Applicator

This self-tanning mitt has a thumb and elastic cuff design to prevent it from falling off. The mitt can be used on both sides and can also be used with your left and right hand.

The inner seams of this self-tanning mitt are strong and durable and not easy to tear. The Yvoier tanning mitt will last for many applications thanks to its durability.

GAIYAH Self-Tanning Mitt Applicator

These mitts are made of velvet and are extremely soft on the skin. The mitt also allows your hand to glide smoothly over the skin during the self-tanning process.

The GAIYAH self-tanning mitt can be used on either hand and has a thumb area that helps you to have extra control and prevent it from slipping off. The mitt is also fully washable and reusable

At The End of The Day

There are many ways in which to apply a self-tanner. Be warned though, that applying a self-tanner with anything other than a tanning mitt may take a bit more practice.

In most cases, however, if you purchase a good self-tanning product then you will more than likely end up with a magnificent tan no matter what way it has been applied.

Always remember to follow the pre-tan routine as well as the post-tan routine every time you apply a self-tanning product.