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decorte foundation

decorte foundationI have an affinity for Japanese skincare and some of the makeup, along with the rituals that have survived centuries. Their cosmetic formulations are light years ahead of the West, I think because they are able to build upon those same traditional beauty rituals that have been passed down and marry it to technology. Decorte Soft Cream Foundation, is plain talk, a superb actualisation of that concept of marrying tradition with technology.

Always seeking, always searching, I was on the hunt for a foundation that would outperform the ones I had. I was seeking something revolutionary, and after a long search, I opted to go with Decorté. I hesitated at first because the colour range is painfully limited. The deepest shade is Honey 355, which is the one I’ll be focusing on today. But first, Decorté is a Japanese brand, esteemed across Asia, and dedicated to understanding nature. Decorté infuses its formulas with Onsen water, derived from Japan’s geothermal volcanic waters.

This foundation is housed in a square black jar that holds 25ml of product. The only scent I can detect is a faint, mildly restrained floral one that’s only evident when I hold the jar to my nose. The consistency is creamy, akin to the texture of a heavy night cream but that’s where the similarities end. Despite how this feels between the fingers, it is light and retreats into the skin rapidly to create an evened, brightened, perfected skin.

Application of Decorté Soft Crème Foundation is pleasurably simple. I apply using my fingers and other times I use a dry sponge. It is such a pleasure to apply because it does not fight the skin as it goes on, it simply melds in where you place it. This foundation is also very buildable, so you control the level of coverage you desire.

decorte foundation
Decorte Soft Cream Foundation


Large pores is not something I contend with but dry skin definitely is. Decorté Soft Crème Foundation helps that by nullifying dryness to give my skin a hydrated look. As it wears throughout the day, my skin remains even, bright and does not develop oily spots (despite being dry). This foundation also does not oxidise and change colour. I am able to get a solid eight hours of true wear, where my skin remains perfected.


I ordered this foundation via the Saks website. Once it arrived and I opened the jar, I was concerned I’d have to send it back. I have yellow undertones in my skin and so does this shade in honey, but my eyes were fuelling doubt. Then I swatched it and saw that it melds with my skin easily. Once I applied it to my face, I was happy, relieved and properly impressed. When I used it the first time, I was truly amazed at how beautiful it made my skin look, without making me look overdone.

I’ve used it in several ways, with a hydrating primer, a mattifying primer, and always on top of sunscreen and a skin serum. With each combination, it always holds up its end of the bargain to never leave me looking patchy, blotchy or worse. Decorté Soft Crème Foundation would also be a solid choice for brides or if one needs to be photographed for a momentous occasion. The other brilliant thing about this foundation is that a powder is not necessary unless you choose.

decorte foundation
Decorte Soft Cream Foundation Blended Into Skin


Decorté Soft Crème Foundation innovation comes from Shirakaba Tonic, an anti-oxidant, Japanese White Birch, along with Washi Paper Optics™ which draws its inspiration from the glow of paper that is almost transparent, thereby imparting that even, perfected look I’ve come to adore. I’m looking forward to wearing this foundation when the weather really warms up to see how it holds up. Using this foundation satisfies the vast majority of the battle in the quest for a makeup that is high-performance, yet makes me look like I’m not really trying. The formula is brilliant enough to negate the need for a concealer, quite an accomplishment indeed. Apart from that, this is a low-key product that delivers on every point that it should, long-wearing, perfecting, imperfection-blurring, brightening and lastly, it blooms beautifully on the skin as the hours wear on. Mission accomplished indeed.

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