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Bright Skin-Romilly Wilde Light+Energy Serum Cleanser

The organic progression from ‘clean’ eating to ‘clean’ living has inevitably led to ‘clean’ beauty and self-care. And so, the landscape is becoming increasingly populated with ‘clean’ beauty brands that are sourcing ingredients from the farthest reaches of the earth. This effort to deliver high-performance skincare and makeup that pays massive, non-toxic dividends to our largest organ is only set to increase and even influence conventional brands to develop and offer cleaner options as well.

Romilly Wilde is purposefully perched in the ‘clean’ category, as it’s founder Susie Willis predecessor to this new, cult brand was, remarkably, an organic baby food line. After selling that organic baby food company some years ago, she then trained her eye on the ingredients of beauty brands that identified as being natural and was not pleased with her findings. Zeroing in on the chance to create a line that was hyper-clean, she began as so many women before her who chiselled, whittled and etched by hand the deep lines of the beauty industry as we know it today. Mixing and testing things at home on herself, the path was blazed for this still very new, tightly edited brand.

My foray into Romilly Wilde begins with this dynamic, oil-based, serum cleanser that can also be used as a mask. Free from what the brand refers to as the ‘dirty dozen’, (refined oils, synthetics, fragrance, PEG or polyethylene glycol, preservatives and other filler ingredients), Romilly Wilde is clean beauty that looks good while performing like a Jedi.

Among the key ingredients in this cleanser are stars such as Manuka Honey, Arnica Flower, White Water Lily and Saffron. Manuka Honey in it’s pure and natural form can only come from New Zealand. When compared to other categories of honey, Manuka Honey is the Hope Diamond. Even though honey has been used since antiquity for treatment and cosmetic purposes, it was not until the nineteenth century that the components of honey began to be studied and understood. Remarkably, Manuka Honey is an extraordinary substance for treating a range of skin conditions, whilst it can also be used as a dietary supplement.

In Romilly Wilde Light+Energy Serum Cleanser, Manuka Honey contributes to the brightened skin that emerges. The honey also acts as an exfoliator, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial agent. The brilliance of this cleanser also manifests in its ability to cut through eye-makeup and mascara, eliminating the need for a separate remover. Luckily, this cleanser does not burn my eyes so I’m able to slide mascara off of my lashes with my fingers. Saffron also features in this super-charged formula. On skin, Saffron acts as a toner, hydrator, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and cell-renewer. Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, Saffron has been in use for more than three thousand years and is known as the world’s most costly spice. It does wonders for the skin and has been known to help acneic skin, pigmentation and also brightens the skin.

Below, you see the colour of the cleanser and gauge an idea of the thickness of the formula, which is comparable to the texture of a light honey. Romilly Wilde Light + Energy Serum Cleanser contains twenty-five active ingredients that has not been guilty of leaving my dry skin feeling parched. Instead, after cleansing my skin feels balanced and normal to the touch and remains this way throughout the day.

When I cleanse at the conclusion of the day, I usually leave this on for about ten minutes before rinsing away. If I wore makeup during the day, I apply the cleanser straight onto my skin and use my hands to massage it into my face, thereby emulsifying all makeup. Thereafter, I dampen the organic muslin cloth that comes with the cleanser and use it all over my face to complete the cleansing process, then rinse. Unlike some cleansers I’ve used and left on my skin for extended periods, this has not burned my skin, nor has it left me with reddish, patchy, angry skin. Lately, I’ve stepped back from using toners after cleansing in an effort to allow my skin to recover from my product escapades. Because this cleanser does such an excellent job of removing everything and because some of the ingredients do the work of toners, I feel confident in my choice of eliminating toner. Otherwise, this cleanser is suitable for all skin types and greater benefits come when it’s left on the skin for a few minutes longer and used as a mask.

In terms of scent, it conjures that of herbs but it is not strong or off-putting at all. For ease of use the packaging is effectively designed with a spout that manages to dispense the right amount of product every time. The container holds 100 ml of product and the brand can be accessed online. Romilly Wilde is a dynamic beauty brand that has incited quite a bit of excitement since its launch. Sources say that another standout in the line is the Advanced Super-Cell Serum, very tempting. Added to that, it’s uncommon for a new skincare range to include a perfume in its debut but that is what Romilly Wilde has done and the reviews are adoring. In Romilly Wilde, the UK can boast of yet another stellar skincare range founded by a woman who is dedicated to using high quality, sustainable and naturally occurring ingredients that the skin can recognise, effectively use and benefit from. Here’s to bright, brilliant skin.

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