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Sunday Things: How To Clean Your Flat Iron and Other Stories

Today I'm sharing tips on how to clean your flat-iron and some other stories, as mine reached peek gunk this week and I needed to get it cleaned quickly. I'm sure you have as many spinning plates in the air as do I, whether you report to an office or a sales floor each week, or if you have little ones underfoot, the list never, ever ends. But then there are the little things like cleaning your ...

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Rounding Up The Makeup I Loved In March

I'm rounding up the makeup I loved this March (and one skincare item) which as usual, are not all new releases. But the pieces I've been using have brought no less joy than anything else already in my stash so naturally, I'm sharing the spoils with you. Sephora Rouge Gel Lip Liner in 34 Animal Instinct is a berry-esque plum that I bought to pair with a new lipstick from Chanel that you'll ...

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On Lips:Sensai Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment

My lips have never fared better. Indeed, in a quest lasting several years to find a balm or salve for my dry lips, the answer manifested in a most uncanny way. Maybe you've heard of the British beauty journalist, Sali Hughes. I've consistently read her column in the Guardian Newspapers for several years now, and some of the best performing cosmetics in my cabinet have come as a result of her ...

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Reviewing Chanel N°5 for National Fragrance Week 2019

I'm reviewing Chanel N°5 to celebrate National Fragrance Week 2019 and National Fragrance Day on March 21st. Depending on how versed you are in Chanel 'lore, you may know that certain names or themes consistently appear in the brand. Take her lipsticks as an example, with some named after important people in her life such as Misia, Arthur and Dimitri. Dimitri was one of Gabrielle Chanel's lovers ...

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Sunday Things: Spring Fresh and A Fragrance Celebration

With everything about to look, feel and smell spring fresh, it's a plum time for a fragrance celebration. Is it me or do you ever feel that your fragrances seem to be reborn when the air is fresh and one isn't buried under layers of clothing? I'm really looking forward to everything feeling airier, and to the joy that comes with longer, brighter days and celebration season, not to mention the ...

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