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Bringing Home Fragrance with The White Company

Today, I wanted to share one of my latest finds in the form of home fragrance which to me, is indeed part of the beauty category. Surely, you want your baths or your ten-minute makeup routine to have a little something that helps to elevate it. In the same way, good bed linens are a priority, especially once you hit a certain decade, so is ambience. The White Company Jasmine, Rose and Neroli ...

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Kiss Kiss in the House Guerlain Built

Stalwart and standout. Those are the two words I think of in relation to the house of Guerlain. How many of their products have pride of place in your beauty portfolio? Les Meteorites, Terracotta Bronzer or Kiss Kiss Lipstick? Whichever it is, you are in possession of makeup gold. From the earliest stirrings of the house dating back to 1838 starting with fragrance, then moving onto ...

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Green Nail Pastures-Treat Collection

Perhaps what our mothers said is true. The state of your nails conveys messages about you, whether or not you believe it or like it. Tattered talons can never stand up to buffed, neat ones. What Mum likely never gave thought to however, are the ingredients in nail products, whether colour lacquers or nail polish removers and treatments. Treat Collection, the Berlin and LA based brand started by ...

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Making the Case for Toner with Cellcosmet Switzerland

Whether you're for toner or against it, you get points either way. Before we get to what the dermatologists say, here's what happens to your skin after using a cleanser.Cleansers tend to impact the natural ph of the skin, therefore an acid based toner will help to guide skin back to its sweet spot. Conversely, if you did not reach for a toner and put nothing else on the skin after cleansing, it ...

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Waitlisted No More-Chanel Eyeshadow Candeur Et Experience

How long is too long to remain on a wait list? Little did I know that when I placed my order for this quad from Chanel, it would take a few months to receive it despite the website (not Chanel's) saying it was in stock. After watching Belle de Jour with Catherine Deneuve yet again one night late last year, I felt compelled to seek out an eyeshadow quad that only contained matte shades. Apart from ...

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