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All The Empties: Everything I’ve Used Up Lately

Nothing feels better than sharing everything I've used up lately, although I'm a bit sad to have finished some of these items. Some things took longer than others to work through, with one item taking more than a year to finish. On the other hand, I finished some items just because I didn't want to be wasteful but more than anything, the great thing about 'empties' is that you become very clear ...

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Sunday Things: Why A Beauty Blogger’s Blood Type is Likely Passion

Have you ever thought about what goes into beauty blogging? Well, let's begin with the basics and why a beauty blogger's blood type is likely passion.  Beauty blogging is in the passion category and if you were to ask a beauty blogger to rename their official blood type, they'd likely choose to baptise it as such and here are some reasons why: The joy felt when using beauty products and the ...

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Find Out What’s In My Latest French Pharmacy Haul

It's about time I shared what's in my latest french pharmacy haul, as two of my favourite words ever are 'French Pharmacy'. Those hallowed halls are filled with the most delicious, effective and budget-friendly products making it easy to overdo it with how many things you get. So in lieu of an actual trip to a pharmacy in France ( although that's never a bad idea), I'm sharing the next best ...

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Sunday Things: How To Clean Your Flat Iron and Other Stories

Today I'm sharing tips on how to clean your flat-iron and some other stories, as mine reached peek gunk this week and I needed to get it cleaned quickly. I'm sure you have as many spinning plates in the air as do I, whether you report to an office or a sales floor each week, or if you have little ones underfoot, the list never, ever ends. But then there are the little things like cleaning your ...

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Rounding Up The Makeup I Loved In March

I'm rounding up the makeup I loved this March (and one skincare item) which as usual, are not all new releases. But the pieces I've been using have brought no less joy than anything else already in my stash so naturally, I'm sharing the spoils with you. Sephora Rouge Gel Lip Liner in 34 Animal Instinct is a berry-esque plum that I bought to pair with a new lipstick from Chanel that you'll ...

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