The Products I’m Testing to Begin The New Year

new year

new year

I thought it would be nice to come back with the first new group of products I’m testing to start the New Year. With the holidays out of the way, hints of new Spring releases are beginning to pop up already. But, as I’m not always trend-driven in the items I review, I’m pleased to share other items that I regard as sound cosmetic investments in terms of the benefits they offer your routine.

new year

Body: Ameliorate Transforming Body Cream came onto my radar while searching for a transformative lotion that would improve the texture of my skin while maximising hydration. Too many body creams, body lotions and body oils promise to hydrate and improve skin’s texture but rarely deliver. So I was quite pleased to discover Ameliorate’s range of products. While the brand is from the UK, it is easily accessible online and you’re also able to choose various sizes to suit what you’re willing to spend. Drawing on the benefits of Lactic Acid, Ameliorate Transforming Body Cream is also safe to use on those over three years old, because it specifically targets chicken skin (keratosis pilaris) which tends to occur on the back of the arms, while also helping to improve dry, rough skin. It’s also safe to use on the face if you need help with texture or to soothe.

I’ll be doing a complete review once I’m satisfied that I have fully-formed thoughts to offer.

new year

Face: Differin Gel is the skin saviour and acne/spot treatment that I didn’t realise was available without a prescription. You know how sometimes the right information drops into your lap at exactly the right moment? Well, it happened to me while listening to a podcast when a dermatologist recommended this. By the end of the next day, I got my hands on it and immediately began using it that same night. Until the full review is up, please know that Differin should be applied at night and SPF should be used during the day, as it makes skin more sun-sensitive.

I’m almost finished with the tube so the full review will follow shortly, but in the interim know that it’s available in two sizes and I will be re-purchasing.

new year

Eyes: Chanel Longwear Powder Eyeshadow in Vert Lamé is one of the gems in Chanel’s Collection Libre 2018 that rounded out the year for holiday launches. Collection Libre is a tightly edited set of items that can definitely have a future in your makeup stash beyond the festive season. The collection includes four eyeshadows, lipsticks, a lipstick compact featuring five wearable shades, a gorgeous highlighter and nail lacquers. The four individual eyeshadows all feature an embossed lion’s head, making it visually unforgettable.

So far I’m enjoying using Vert Lamé, a striking green-black eyeshadow that also works a treat when used as an eyeliner. Its sophistication is unparalleled, plus it’s the ideal choice if you prefer to curate your eyeshadow collection individually, rather than subjecting yourself to palettes that may not always contain shades that are to your liking.

new year

Hands: Chanel La Crème Main is fast becoming my hands’ best friend. Yes, I know, there are more accessibly priced hand creams available, but this one has proven itself in a very short time since I began using it. Plus, it gets so many extra points for its design and ease of use. I’m looking forward to reviewing this cream for many reasons especially since I’ve been eyeing it up since its release, so I’m elated to finally have it. As a quick aside, Ameliorate, the first brand mentioned above, also has a hand cream with accompanying positive reviews, plus its more accessibly priced.

As I mentioned above, Differin Gel will lead the way out of the gate as my first full review for the year, so I do hope you’ll join me for that. Otherwise, let’s chat over on Twitter or Instagram and I’m wishing you the best for this New Year:)


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