Self Tanning Products for Legs

Most people want to show off legs that boast a golden healthy glow, especially in the summer months when dresses and shorts are in fashion. Not only does it look great, but it also significantly boosts a person’s confidence.

There are many ways in which to achieve perfectly tanned legs. While some people prefer to make use of the natural rays that are emitted from the sun or UV rays that come from the bulbs of a sunbed others choose a more conservative and safer way of tanning.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best self-tanners in 2021 and apply them to different categories to suit your specific needs.

Whether you are looking for a gradual tanner, quick tanner, sensitive skin tanner, or a self-tanner that goes best with your skin tone, this article will offer you some insight into some of the best products currently available on the market.

The Benefits of Self-Tanners?

Self-tanning products contain an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone. This ingredient is FDA approved and is used to promote a temporary tan on the outer layer of the skin.

Self-tanners are one of the safest ways in which to obtain a tan as they do not cause sunburn, damage to the skin, or premature aging.

Unlike self-tanners, too much exposure to UV radiation to obtain a tan can be a health risk and cause certain types of skin cancer especially to those who are already predisposed to getting cancer.

The Best Leg Self Tanners in 2021

Let’s face it, with the Covid-19 pandemic, going to public places to get a tan or lying in a sunbed was unattainable. It is for this reason that many people have had to turn to self-tanning products to achieve a golden glow on their legs.

With so many self-tanning products on the market, it can be difficult to find the one that is best for your type of skin, tone of skin, and even your budget!

Let’s take a look at some of the bestselling self-tanners in 2021.

1.      The Best Budget Leg Self Tanner

For those who are working on a budget, there are several budget-friendly self-tanning products that they can choose from. The following self-tanners will not put a dent in your pocket. In fact, you will more than likely not spend more than $20 on these products.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Perfect for those who are new to self-tanning and want to give it a try before they decide to buy more expensive self-tanners. This product gets the job done and gives very good results.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Water Mousse

This self-tanner dries quickly and develops in just a few hours. A good product to use if you are working on a budget and need to obtain a tan quickly.

2.      The Best Leg Self Tanner for Fair Skin

If you have naturally fair skin, then it is a good idea to use a self-tanning product that is made specifically for lighter skin.

The reason for this is that starting with a self-tanner that is too dark can make the color of your legs look extremely unnatural and will not blend in with the rest of the body’s skin tone. Jergens Natural Glow Self-Tanning lotion is the perfect self-tanner for fair skin.

Jergens Natural Glow Self Tanner Lotion

Jergens Self-tanning lotion can create a flawless light golden tan and promote a natural-looking effect as it gradually tans the skin.

This lotion contains nourishing ingredients to hydrate skin that is dry and has the added benefit of a firming moisturizer that will enhance the look of the skin as it creates a gradually darker skin tone.

Jergens self-tanning lotion is made from the following ingredients:

  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Green tea infusions
  • Anti-cellulite formula
  • Antioxidants
  • Coconut water
  • Hydrating moisturizer

3.      The Best Tanning Product for Legs that Are Already Dark

If you already have a darker skin tone it is best to use a self-tanning product that will give the best results.  Using a normal self-tanner on legs that are already dark can cause unwanted streaks and blotches.

Beauty By Earth Self-Tanner With Organic Aloe Vera & SheaButter

This sunless tanning lotion with bronzer is perfect for skin that already has a medium or dark tone. This tanner gives the skin on your legs a beautiful natural glow without streaks, dark spots, or blotches.

This product gives its wearer a gradual glow and won’t give them orange-toned skin. It also has ingredients such as shea butter and aloe vera to make sure that the skin stays hydrated.

4.      The Best Streak Free Self-Tanner

Nobody wants to use a self-tanner that leaves horrible streaks on the legs. If you want a streak-free self-tan on your legs, then you have to choose your self-tanning product carefully.

Botanic Tree Self Tanner is one of the best choices for a guaranteed streak-free tan.

Botanic Tree Self Tanner-Organic Sunless Tanner

This self-tanning lotion contains 10 fruit extracts as well as shea butter leaving the skin hydrated and healthy. It is plant-based and organic and provides the skin with a beautiful golden glow.

Botanic Tree Self Tanner absorbs into the skin quickly and is known to be one of the best streak-free tanners currently on the market.

Enjoy a streak-free golden tan without tints of orange when using this self-tanner.

5.      The Best Instant Self Tanner

Do you need a tanning product that is going to deliver a quick tan in minimal time? James Read tan Glow 20 can help you to achieve this.

James Read Tan Glow 20 Body Tanning Mousse

This mousse can give the legs a tan in as little as twenty minutes. It is easy to use and is made up of a lightweight formula that gives the skin a healthy golden glow.

James Read Tan Glow is made of natural ingredients that hydrate and firm the skin. If you want a product that is not sticky and helps to give you a streak-free tan then this product is the perfect one to choose.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion

This product will give your legs a flawlessly bronzed look. It is completely water-resistant and extremely fast drying. An instant self-tanner that won’t come off even if you go swimming!

6.      The Best Gradual Self-Tanner

For those who want to get a gradual tan to not to make it too obvious to other people that a self-tanner has been used there are several options available.

In this category, two gradual self-tanning brands tend to stand out from all the rest.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan

This gradual tanning product helps to build a healthy glow and is designed with the added benefit of a bronzer that helps to illuminate the skin and offer beautiful coverage.

This easy-to-apply tanning lotion hydrates the skin for up to 48 hours to prevent the skin from drying out. Perfect to use for a gradual natural-looking tan.

Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Lotion

Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Lotion takes between four to eight hours to develop and does not transfer.  Enjoy a product that can be applied in the same way as a moisturizer and develops a deeper shade every time it is used.

This self-tanning lotion contains hydrating ingredients that are perfect for dry sensitive skin. This is thanks to the organic shea butter, organic aloe vera water, and hyaluronic acid that locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration.

Enjoy a natural-looking tan that lasts for 4-7 days without any chance of your skin turning orange or smelling like a fake tan.

7.      The Best Self-Tanner for Sensitive Skin

For some people, it is not possible to use just any self-tanner. Those with sensitive skin need to be careful and use products that are made from natural ingredients and are hypoallergenic.

Here are two self-tanners that offer amazing results for skin that is sensitive and requires extra care:

Beauty Bu Earth Tanning Lotion with Organic Aloe Vera & Shea Butter

Do you battle with sensitive skin? This self-tanner is a wonderful alternative to other products that are often filled with artificial and ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

Beauty By Earth Tanning Lotion contains the following:

  • Shea butter
  • Organic aloe vera
  • Extracts of DHA

This product can gradually change a person’s skin tone from pale to golden brown without streaking, blotching, or turning the skin orange.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water

The Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water is made from ingredients with low PH levels as well as other hypoallergenic ingredients to protect sensitive skin.

The product comes in the form of a mist that is applied to the skin and then rubbed in thoroughly. It is easy to use and comes with a tanning mitt to ensure the best coverage.

This products is also available in drops that can be mixed with any type of moisturizer and applied as normal.

8.      The Best Quick Dry

Life is so busy, and many people need a self-tanning product that is going to dry quickly so that they can carry on with their daily routines.

L’Oreal Paris Skincare Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Water Mousse

Those looking for a quick-dry self-tanner should opt for this coconut fragranced product. It offers a streak-free, quick-drying, natural-looking tan that develops within two to four hours after application.

Get an instant natural-looking tan without having to wait before putting your clothes on again.

L’Oreal Paris Hydrating Lightweight Bronzing Self-Tanning Water Mousse gives an instant sun-kissed look with an even finish.

It is made from a lightweight water mousse that is absorbed quickly by the skin. It is also easy to apply and infused with coconut water and vitamin E to allow for maximum skin hydration.

9.      The Best Overall Leg Self Tanner

While everyone has their favorite make of self-tanner, these are two that come out tops.

St. Tropez The Classic Bronzing Mousse

St. Tropez classic bronzing mousse has it all! This tanning mousse is foolproof to give you an even natural-looking tan. It is incredibly easy to apply and offers a streak-free look that can last for up to 10 days!

If you are a first-time self-tanner, you will never look back as this lightweight foam self-tanner has no self-tan smell, offers 24 hours of hydration, and is quick drying. Even as this self-tanner fades it will do so evenly.

Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam

This is the first 100% natural DHA product so it without a doubt stands out from the rest. It has a beautiful scent and is filled with ingredients to help with anti-aging.

It also has ingredients that not only hydrate the skin but nurture it to the extent that the skin will be transformed and at the same time have a natural golden glow.

Here is why this product is currently one of the best sellers on the market to date:

  • It gives the skin an instant bronzed glow as it develops in just two hours.
  • This product is fast drying.
  • A lightweight mousse that is filled with botanicals, amino acids, and raw coconut to hydrate the skin.
  • The ingredient in this product also helps to hide pigmentation and stretch marks on the skin.
  • Contains ingredients to prevent aging using a unique Cellushape technology.
  • Comes with a velvet mitt to help tanners with smooth application to prevent streaks and patches.

Tips On How to Apply Self Tanner to Legs

When applying self-tanning products, it is important to follow these guidelines if you want a professional look and flawless results.

  • Always exfoliate before applying and king of self-tanning lotion.
  • Remember to work on your feet especially if you have rough heels.
  • Use a scrub to take away and dry skin around the knees and ankles.
  • A self-tanning mitt is very useful and can help to prevent unwanted streaks and blotches.
  • Start the process from the front of your ankle and work your way upwards.
  • Use gentle circular motions to avoid streaks.
  • Put a small amount of moisturizer on the knees and ankles to smooth out dry skin and avoid dark patches.
  • Avoid showering for at least 12 hours after you have applied self-tanner.

Watch this video to find out how to properly apply self-tanner to your legs: