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One of the highlights of blogging is being tagged to participate in tags or challenges. So in this post, I’m responding to the 50 Things that Make My Life Extraordinary or 50 Things That Make Me Smile tag. I was tagged by Paula of The Value of A Moment blog to participate, a sweet surprise as always. Paula…


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welcome to the BEAUTY

50 things

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  Thanks So Much to Mel of hellamel for including me in her nomination list of bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. Do visit Mel’s blog where she posts on Sundays on topics ranging from design to books and she’s also quite funny. So, let’s jump in and make a start, but first the guidelines for my…

versatile blogger award

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They say three times the charm and so this post is in response to being nominated by Candace of thekelleylog.blogspot.com for the Liebster Award. Similar to the other two nominations, this came as a very pleasant surprise to me. As bloggers, we spend days plotting new posts, taking and editing photographs, editing posts, keeping up with social…

Liebster Award 2018

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As a blogger, some weeks are phenomenal while other weeks are less so and may involve tears, new grey hairs, burning eyes from staring at a screen, blogger’s block and late nights that bleed into early mornings. So imagine my surprise when Twitter alerts began coming through my telephone and it turned out I’d been…

Mystery Blogger Award

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In every blogger’s existence is the daily hope that one is not writing into a vacant hole. You plot and plan posts, sit down, write, re-write, edit, edit and edit some more. It’s a fairly solitary undertaking and requires a tremendous dose of discipline. To my surprise, I received an email from Laura, a blogger…

Sunshine Blogger Award

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