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Guerlain has finally drawn me back into the fold with this season’s Météorites, arguably one of their best versions ever! Météorites first appeared in 1987 and since then, they’ve inspired countless re-interpretations by other brands…but as much as I’m tempted to name them… I won’t. This year, the Guerlain Météorites Goldenland Pearls for Holiday 2019…


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welcome to the BEAUTY

guerlain meteorites goldenland

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How did your skincare journey begin? Was it born of a genuine need, a trend or did it takes shape late at night when scouring the internet? No matter, but here’s the thing; before we know it, we’ll all be trying to sing along to Auld Lang Syne again, so I wanted to highlight the…

journey skincare stash

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This season, I’ve had three perfumes on repeat that I’m quite excited to share with you. While each perfume is very different, two are from women perfumers with their creations representing the cool, niche, bespoke factor while the third comes from one of the oldest perfume houses in the world. You may agree that perfume…

3 perfume stories

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With spring in the air finally, it’s time to open the makeup file on items that I’ve been consistently reaching for. But here’s a twist, I’m actually disappointed by one of the items, so why did I keep reaching for it? Possibly because I was hoping for a makeup miracle, something I do believe in…

Makeup FIle

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Ah, dry skin, and the things we do to ensure it is hydrated, plump, bouncy and bright. The first real beauty product I ever used was Pond’s Cold Cream during my early teens. I never realised I had dry skin until my dear mother handed the Pond’s to me one day. Applying it became a…

Dry Skin Routine

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When it comes to lipsticks or any other lip balm, lip gloss or lip shine, if your hunt for the perfect one has definitively ended and you’ll never entertain thoughts about trying anything else, I salute you. I doubt that day would ever come for me because there’s always another brilliant thing on the horizon.…


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If you already sort your makeup and skincare by performance and price, then here are suggestions for your topshelf. If was quite a year in beauty, with phenomenal, industry-shaping launches from Fenty Beauty, the continuing rise of green and eco-friendly brands, whilst heritage beauty companies continue to make tweaks in an attempt to keep pace…

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