How You Can Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed

Living in this fast-paced world that we do today, it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting something right now! One of these things is achieving a golden tan in minimal time, especially if you plan to go to an event where you want to look your best.

But are there ways in which you can achieve a tan faster than you usually would in a sunbed without risking sunburn and skin damage?

In short, while tanning on a sunbed is usually a gradual process, there are indeed things that you can do to speed up the tanning process.

This article will delve a little deeper into obtaining an amazing tan in a shorter period and giving you some tips on how to help you tan faster when using the sunbed.

Tips to Help You Get A Faster Tan in A Tanning Bed

There are two types of sunbeds, namely the stand-up sunbed and the more traditional sunbed. There are benefits to both of these beds that need to be considered before deciding which option is best for you.

# 1 Stand Up Tanning Bed Tips

These beds are typically the best way to achieve a tan in minimal time due to the all-over exposure of UV rays emitted from the bulbs. This is mainly due to the stronger emission of UV rays making your skin tan faster.

These beds require you to stand up and are not as constrictive as traditional lie-down sunbeds. Unfortunately, you cannot use them for more than 15 minutes as this could cause overexposure to the emitted rays. It is, however, important that if you decide to use this type of tanning bed, it will be far more effective than a traditional sunbed.

A stand-up sunbed was designed to ensure that you receive an even tan in less time due to the high-pressure lamps that make them way more effective than lie-down tanning beds.

# 2 Traditional Tanning Bed Tips

Some people prefer relaxing during their tanning sessions, making the traditional lie-down sunbed the perfect option for them.

These beds are usually equipped with a pillow for maximum comfort. Bear in mind that if you are looking for a quicker tanning experience, you should definitely opt for the stand-up sunbed and then use the traditional sunbed to maintain your tan after you have obtained the color you desire.

Other Tips to Obtain A Faster Tan


If you want your tanning to be faster when on the sunbed, then it is critical to exfoliate your skin before making use of the bed. This is because exfoliation helps to rid the skin of dead cells so that the UV rays from the sunbed can fully penetrate the skin.

The best way to exfoliate the skin is to use soap and a scrubbing brush or even some salt scrubs to achieve the best results.

Tanning Lotions

Indeed, tanning lotions can speed up the tanning process quite substantially. Using a quality tanning lotion also helps you to retain your tan for more extended periods at a time. Remember that you will only need to maintain the tan once you have managed to get a good base tan and not visit your salon every day.

What tanning lotions essentially do is open up the pores of our skin and also magnify the effects that come from the UV rays of the tanning machine, thus helping you to make the most of your tanning session. These lotions are also used to moisturize the skin and prevent burning.

More Lamps, More Tan!

Alright, so let face facts. Ultraviolet rays are essentially what produce the tan on your body, making them the most important part of the tanning bed. If there are more lamps in your tanning bed, then you will achieve quicker results.

The overall intensity of the rays emitted from the tanning bed can result in you getting a tan quicker than average, and choosing a bed with more lamps will help you achieve the results you want.

If your ultimate plan is to buy a tanning bed of your own, then it would be wise to choose a bed that has many lamps and bulbs and makes sure to replace them regularly.

Move Around

Don’t just lie still on a tanning bed. Make sure to move around to achieve a quick and even tan.

Always move your arms and legs to maximize UV exposure to every part of the body.

Regularly altering your position is going to help you get a tan faster. Change your body posture constantly and try not to fall asleep in the same position.

Foods That Accelerate Tanning

The mechanics of sunbeds and the methods to lie in a sunbed to get a tan quickly are important, but so are the food and nutrition you put into your body daily.

Did you know that eating certain types of food can help you to tan faster? This is because these foods are rich in antioxidants which help your body to rid itself of toxins. Fewer Toxins. More tanning potential!

The following foods are rich in antioxidants and can help you to get a quicker tan:

Fish and Nuts

These foods are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are found in oily fish and nuts, and olive oil improves membranes’ elasticity in the cells and balances the hormones responsible for the dermis’ hydration. This is essential for tanners who want to enhance cell elasticity.

Strawberries, Cherries, and Tomatoes

These wonderful and tasty foods are ideal if you are an avid tanner. They provide Vitamin C to the body. Vitamin C has many antioxidant properties and can also make your skin glow with health and protect the immune system. All foods rich in vitamin C also help slow down the free radicals that cause premature skin aging.

These foods are also filled with Vitamin A, which is essential to protect the skin’s suppleness and prevent skin dehydration.

Chew on A Carrot

While many may not be fond of carrots, it is the most effective food to eat if you are a tanning fanatic. This is because carrots help produce melanin, which is the substance that causes our skin to tan. Carrots are also responsible for giving your skin a lovely tone.


Spinach is extremely rich in beta-carotene, a substance that encourages tanning and makes your tanning efforts last for more extended periods. Beta-carotene is one of the key elements of Vitamin A, which contains several regenerative properties.

Red Wine and Tea

Yes, ladies, it is perfectly acceptable to reach for that glass of wine now and again. Red wine and tea contain polyphenols and bioactive nutrients that combat the signs of premature aging by preventing the spread of free radicals and keeping your skin healthy.

Just don’t drink the wine while you are tanning in case you fall asleep in the sun. Remember always to tan responsibly!

Melanin Injections

To explain briefly, Melatonin is a synthetic hormone that can be injected under the skin. This, in turn, causes the skin to darken by increasing the levels of pigment melanin within the skin.

When we are exposed to UV rays, the skin has a natural response to encourage melanin production, resulting in tanned or darkened skin. If injected into the body, this drug increases the levels of the pigment melanin in the skin.

Melanotan injections have two different variations:

  • Melanotan I
  • Melanotan II

These injections are very similar. The way that they work is by their ability to increase the levels of pigment in your skin. These two different forms of Melatonin are usually diluted with sterile water before being injected.

Melanotan I

This is a synthetic version of the hormone known as melanocortin. This hormone is typically secreted by the pituitary gland that is located at the base of your brain. Under normal circumstances, this hormone regulates your body’s growth and development and is also responsible for your energy levels.

Melanocortin tries to absorb ultraviolet radiation from the sun. In turn, this process makes the skin darken. When administered through an injection, the product will start to darken your skin semi-permanently.

The product also assists in accelerating the production of melanin in the body. The pigment in your skin that absorbs ultraviolet radiation works overtime and gives the skin a darker color. This injection works best together with tanning bed sessions.

Melanotan II

This tanning injection gives quicker and longer-lasting results. This product, however, will not work without UV exposure, so it is vital to get in at least 20 minutes of UV rays a day to activate the effects of the injection.