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The Fake Up: How To Wake Up Tired Skin

Fake Up Tired Skin

Need to fake that rested, smooth skin, bright-eyed, yoga/pilates devotee, I’ve been eating clean look? Whether or not you like the idea of hacks or (shortcuts), from time to time you need one in order to speed-skate through the day or the month looking like you really do have a handle on all the moving parts of your life. So in this post, I’m giving you two skin items and easy, finger-paint friendly makeup to help you fake that look easily.

Fake up wake up tired skin

Start with a brightening/lifting mask

I’ve been liking Renu Skin Advanced Anti-Ageing Flash Relax Mask. With a gel texture that’s not sticky and goes on like a cream, the mask is chock-full of good ingredients to help jumpstart and hydrate dry or mature skin. Ten minutes on the face or even five minutes if you’re really in a hurry, here are some of the ingredients that will work to help you fake great skin.

  • Polysaccharides -Neutrally charged sugar molecules that help to bind skin cells together. Don’t get any ideas, consuming too much sugar is still not a good idea. However, our cells are made up of sugars.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate-With smaller molecules than hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate binds with water and as a result is perfect to help skin retain moisture. On the surface of the skin, it softens lines and gives skin a plump look.
  • Chicory Extract- Used by the Egyptians since ancient times and now found in many skincare formulas, chicory extract comes from the root of the chicory plant. The root of the plant contains sugars that help to increase moisture levels in the skin, thereby helping it to look smoother.
  • Algae and Active Marine Magnesium-This also helps to smooth out expression lines.

The mask has a very faint ‘skincare scent to it that’s not off-putting. It is only detectable when you hold the container to your nose so it would be easy to miss it. This mask came into my rotation via the Look Fantastic beauty subscription box which I wrote about here. I have to say that I am totally impressed with this mask and reach for it in the moments when I need to fake it in my own life.

Fake up wake up tired skin

Spritz, Mist and Shine

Few things beat a good hydrating facial mist to wake yourself and your skin up. Just the act of having moisture sprayed into your face has an awakening effect. More and more, the number of facial mists out there has quadrupled in the last few years. With each one having more claims than the next, I’d say there’s some snake oil being bottled and sold as well, but some brands have proven that what is in their canisters and glass bottles are in no way fake. Enter Jurlique’s Sweet Violet and Grapefruit Hydrating Mist. This spritz, made with ingredients to soothe, calm and hydrate, may be used in a number of ways.

  • As a post-cleansing skin refresher. The scent alone makes me smile and gives me the fuzzies.
  • Sweetly scented yet in no way cloying or headache inducing, the formulation is a masterful blend of balanced notes, with the key ones being Sweet Violet and Grapefruit.
  • A great way to fake bright, hydrated, dewy skin.

I also use this mist as an occasional toner. As much as my skin doesn’t really cope well with toners, I sometimes use this mist to ensure that all of the makeup is gone after night-time cleansing. Especially when it comes to ensuring the tucked away areas on the face are truly clean such as the hairline, ears, jawline, sides of the nose and even the back of the neck. This is one of the better facial mists out there, making it a key reason that Jurlique’s portfolio of products has been well-regarded for years. Plus, their mists are a cult favourite among frequent fliers. An Australian brand founded on a love for all things natural, Jurlique has been a fixture in the natural skincare space for more than thirty years and still uses ingredients grown on their land holdings in Southern Australia.

Fake up wake up tired skin

Let them see you glowing from space

Some things are best left to the masters and when it comes to glowing skin, Charlotte Tilbury is the high-priestess. With her infamous Wonder Glow, a product that’s part primer, part code blue in a bottle for skin, people of all skin tones reach for it to fake that ‘glass skin’ look. I’ve been a keen and avid devotee to this product ever since the first time I used it some years ago.

Formulated with soft focus pigments to smooth and plump the skin, it may be used before makeup or on top of makeup or even on its own. Tap it onto wherever you need to draw light to your face to improve the appearance of your skin. It’s also become my blogging bestie, as I often blend it with a hand lotion if I need to take blog photographs where I show my hands as the camera is not always kind.

fake up wake up tired skin

No hungry eyes here

Apologies to Eric Carmen (vocalist for the song Hungry Eyes) in advance but it was what popped into my head for this portion. Part of the fake-up game is to ensure that you don’t forget to devote some attention to your eyes as they’ll give away everything, especially lack of sleep.  To properly fake looking like you did indeed sleep for more than seven uninterrupted hours, fill in your eyebrows. By filling them in, you’ll pull your look together and make everything appear more streamlined. For the eyebrow job, I’ve been liking Guerlain’s La Petit Robe Noire Brow Duo.

fake up wake up tired skin

It’s a dual-ended brow product where one end is a gel formula brow mascara and the other end is a highlighter that easily blends into the skin. The lasting power is exceptional, while the highlighter allows you to highlight under the brow bone in a modern, almost undetectable way. I included it in a previous post here and I’m happy to report it’s become a routine staple.

fake up wake up tired skin

The cover-up 

Naturally, eyes, especially tired one, also need a bit of help in the form of a good concealer. YSL’s All Hours Concealer is so well made that it almost makes foundation unnecessary. When I use this and conceal my under eyes, the sides of my nose, halfway down the bridge of my nose and a bit at the sides of my mouth, all I need is a bit of powder after and I can get on with my day.

This concealer also has brilliant lasting power and doesn’t crack up. You may see my original thoughts about this concealer here, where I share thoughts on regret-free eye makeup products.

fake up wake up tired skin

Pops of colour and some shade

Here’s where the finger painting comes in. A mousse-like easy to apply mono eyeshadow should always have space in a well thought out makeup collection. In this instance, Decorte’s Eye Glow Gem is a long-wearing, easy to apply eyeshadow that you can slag on with a clean finger. Tap it or any of your favourite eyeshadow right onto the eyelid, add as many coats of mascara as you wish and that’s your fake rested look sorted. Not overly sparkly with a mousse-like texture, this is a new find that I really appreciate for its versatility and this shade especially wakes up the eye colour beautifully. I’d describe it as a brown based khaki green that has some three-dimensional magic effects in the formula, making it a nuanced shade that shifts about in different light. Decorté’s Eye Glow Gem is part of this Japanese brand’s makeup debut into the US market. Some of their skincare is superb and quite lust-worthy, so I’d prompt you to have a look at the brand if you’re in the mood for something new. I also have one of their foundations and if you fancy a read, catch the post here.

fake up wake up tired skin

The last step in any strategy to fake looking like all the skin ducks are in a row is to add some light and shade to your face. Grab your favourite brush and sweep on some highlight that makes sense. That means to steer clear of overly sparkly highlighters and reach for something that has subtle, believable aspects that can be built up to where you need it to be. I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow for a quick hit to contrast and highlight. The brilliant thing about Bronze and Glow is that it can be dialled up but can also be used every day, more subtly. I consider this as the gold standard and there’s a reason it’s been a cult fave since it hit the market. Plus, it comes in two colourways so finding what suits your skin is easy. Naturally, any similar product in your collection will get the job done.

fake up wake up tired skin

There are so many ways to fake great skin that does not have to include layers and layers of foundation and powder. Oftentimes, it ‘s better to focus on a pinpoint, strategic approach in order to make things look more life-like, skin-like and believable.





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