The Price of A Tanning Bed

Do you want tanned skin without the hassle of having to find the time to regularly visit a tanning salon to keep your skin a golden brown?

Let’s face facts, not many people have time to regularly visit a salon due to work and family responsibilities. In this fast-paced world, time is not always on our side and tanning is not a priority no matter how much your desire to maintain a beautiful tan.

On the other hand, if you do have the time to regularly visit the salon to use their tanning bed, you could save yourself thousands of dollars each year by buying your own residential sunbed to maintain a golden glow all year round!

What if I told you that you could have tanned skin without having to visit the salon three days a week? This could easily be a reality if you decide to invest in your very own tanning bed.

But what does a standard tanning bed cost? In most cases, you can work on an average of between $1500 to $3000 all depending on the make and model of the machine that you decide to purchase.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 tanning beds that are on the market as well as how to maintain your tanning bed. We will also discuss what to look for in a used tanning bed if you are looking for a cheaper option.

The Top 5 Tanning Beds and Their Prices

Although the cost of a tanning bed may initially be a bit of an outlay, you will save money in the long run, especially if you are an avid tanner.

At the end of the day purchasing your own sunbed will save you both time and money with the added luxury of being able to jump into your sunbed in the privacy or your own home at any time of the day or night.

Are you a person who lives for their tanning session and uses it as a way to unwind and find some solitude? Or are you a person who needs your tanning session to be as fast and efficient as possible so that you can carry on seeing to your work and family?

With so many options of sunbeds to choose from you may find it hard to find one that will fit your needs.

Here is a list of the top five tanning beds, as well as their features and pricing:

# 1 The Sunfire 16 Deluxe

Priced between $2,200 – $4,000

The Sunfire 16 Deluxe is a standard design sunbed with a few extra features. This horizontal sunbed can be purchased in black or silver and is well worth its price as it comes pre-assembled making it easy to install into your home.


  • This sunbed is equipped with sixteen lamps as well as facial lamps.
  • It also comes with a built-in audio system so that you can relax while you tan.
  • This bed comes with a cooling fan which assists with air circulation.

# 2 The Sunfire 24 Deluxe

Priced between $1,700 – $3,200

The Sunfire 24 Deluxe is a little larger than other tanning beds and comes with 24 lamps, a cooling fan, and an mp3 input player so that you can listen to music while you tan.


  • Besides the 24 lamps and cooling fan this bed also has a large tanning service to fit all sizes.
  • This sunbed is completely assembled making it easy to put up in your home in a matter of minutes.
  • It also has built-in facial bulbs to tan the face.
  • This sunbed has a 15-minute timer and is one of the cheapest sunbeds available.

# 3 The Sunfire 32 Deluxe

Priced between $2,300 – $3,000

​Do you want a deluxe tanning bed at a reasonably low price? Then this is the bed for you.  The Sunfire 32 Deluxe is already pre-assembled and easy to set up in your home.


  • The tanning surface is large and contains 32 bulbs.
  • This bed is equipped with a cooling fan as well as an audio system.
  • If you are looking to save on costs, then this bed is one of the most energy-efficient beds on the market.
  • The bulbs in this bed work well and provide excellent results in minimal time.
  • The Sunfire 32 Deluxe is easy to maintain as it has an acrylic removal system.
  • This sunbed is the perfect option for first-time sunbed tanners.

# 4 The Solar Storm 24S

Priced between $2,900 – $5,400

The Solar Storm 24S guarantees good results as it has a high-efficiency power output mechanism.

It also has a larger tanning surface than other sunbed brands and is well known for being one of the best tanning beds on the market to date.


  • This tanning bed comes complete with 24 bulbs positioned on both the top and the bottom of the bed.
  • When you use this sunbed, you can soak in the UV rays from every angle of the bed offering an even tan in less time.
  • This bed has a big surface area making it comfortable to use while you enjoy your tanning session.

# 5 The Solar Storm 24R

Priced between $2,300 – $4,600

This is the perfect tanning bed if you are willing to spend more money on your investment. It is perfectly crafted and has an array of customizations with a huge interior and a spacious design. The Solar Storm 24R offers a high-power output with all the bells and whistles!


  • The best feature of this sunbed is its power output.
  • This sunbed is perfect for tanners that would like a quick tanning session and is the best choice for those who lead busy work and family lives.
  • The Solar Storm 24 R sunbed offers immediate results and can save a lot of time if you want a quick and easy tanning experience.
  • The Solar Storm 24 R offers one of the most spacious interiors and is perfect for taller people making it comfortable for any size tanner!

Other Costs To Consider

As the saying goes, “there is always an initial cost and a real cost”.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Tanning Bed

While owning your tanning bed can be extremely convenient it is important not to forget that your machine is going to require adequate maintenance and upkeep for it to continue working optimally and at its full capacity.

Other costs to factor in when purchasing and maintaining a sunbed are as follow:

  • Products needed to keep the bed clean and in good condition.
  • Tanning lotion made specifically for sunbeds.
  • Electricity costs.

It is important to note though, that a sunbed uses very little electricity even if used daily.

Try to calculate how many hours you are going to be spending on the sunbed every week. This will help you to establish how often you are going to need to change the lamps.

Watch this video to learn how to maintain your tanning bed:

What to Look For in A Used Tanning Bed

If you are looking for a used tanning bed you are more likely to save quite a bit of money but be prepared to make sure that the second-hand sunbed that you choose is of good quality.

Here are the things that you need to check for when buying a second-hand tanning bed:

# 1 The Condition and Hours of The Tanning Bed

Sunbeds normally have a digital timer and most of them have an hour counter that displays how many hours the sunbed has been used for. The fewer hours the bed has been used the better.

Checklist for the overall condition of the used tanning bed:

  • Ask the seller where the bed was kept. This will enable you to determine if it is clean and moisture-free.
  • Have a good look at the plastic cover to make sure that there are no cracks.
  • Make sure that the acrylics on the bed are in good condition as these are some of the most expensive parts of a sunbed and need to be looked after efficiently.

# 2 The Tanning Lamps

Make sure that the tanning lamps are in optimal condition and that all of them are working and find out how many hours they have been used for by the seller.

Remember that tanning lamps are expensive, and you don’t want to have to buy new ones one month into using your sunbed.

The good news is that most tanning lamps can be used for at least a thousand hours so if the sunbed you are looking at has not been used that much then you are sure to have plenty of life left in the tanning lamps.

# 3 The Correct Electrical Requirements

It is important that a used tanning bed has all the electrical requirements that are needed for it to run at one hundred percent efficiency. The last thing you want is electrical issues with your tanning bed.

This video will give you more of an idea of what to look for when it comes to the electrical requirements of your tanning bed.